First ICO Germany & Launch campaign
The wysker app – enter a new way of shopping

I was part of the initial wysker-team. We advertised the first ICO in Germany and launched the wysker app on iOS and Android. Here's a sneak peek of the wysker story >^.^<.

“This idea is more radical than google and facebook ever were“ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

CI / UX / Launch
wysker – play. discover. shop.

Life moves fast and so does wysker. This unique App needed a branding and a launch campaign that helped to explain the  new way of shopping.
We developed the Avatar “wysker”. wysker is your personal shopping cat that helps you findthe things you love faster than ever before. With the help of the "shooping cat" we were able to make a button a friend for the first time. Internet shopping with wysker is no longer a lonely thing, but a guided stroll through the internet.

How it works:
With the wysker browsing experience, you are able to discover a myriad of products from clothes to toys,gadgets and furniture. The product journey will constantly be optimised and improved to fit your taste.
Our editors curate the wysker catalogue based on “streams” consisting of 5 to 15 visually alike products. You can explore these streams by pulling up the wysker button. All streams are looped — this means if you reach the last product of a stream, it will start over again with product one. By moving the wysker button to the right, you enter the next product stream loop and so on. Ultimately, the journey never ends.

The notification center is where the wysker cat lives. It’s aim is to provide you with a channel to engage with your personal wysker. By interacting with two-way notifications, playing games, and completing quizzes, you are able to communicate with it and train it to your needs. The more you interact with your wysker, the more relevant the user experience becomes. wysker’s home will constantly surprise you with new formats, instant results, daily news and updates.  

Stories put product streams into a cultural context.
All stories consist of a least eight differently themed product streams put together much like a playlist. Here, wysker strives to stay atop of current and trending topics to keep the app relevant for you. When a story is especially exciting, you have the option to turn it into a GIF and share it on the social media channel of your choice. This is an especially unique aspect since sharing stories has more impact than simply sharing a single product. At the top of the explore screen, you can also search for specific brands or product streams and browse through various categories.

If you drop the wysker button to take a closer look, you have two options to proceed with a product: You either enter a shop directly with a hard-press (iOS) / long-press (Android) or collect the products you like in your personal wyshlist by double tapping on them.

You are able to earn wys tokens for referrals, achieved levels, challenges, and app usage. In the future, you will be able to use wys tokens for discounts at partnering shops. Start collecting already - token bonuses will be higher in the beginning.




The wysker treasure hunt

The biggest riddle in the crypto currency universe

How can we entertain the wysker ICO telegram-group full of crypto-lovers and hackers and interest them to watch our launch spot over and over again?

Let’s challenge them and build up the biggest riddle in the crypto universe: Several thousand people participated in  the wysker treasure hunt. After 84 days, one diligent hunter found the solution to a ridiculously complex charade and unearthedthe treasure: the six parts of a 64 digit private key, which unlocked a wallet containing 100k wys tokens*.  

*wys tokens are the crypto currency of the wysker app. This token works like a payback point - for the use of the app you get playfully wys token, that provide you discounts for in app products. But in contrast to payback points it is a listed crypto currency which runs via the Etherium blockchain.

How to solve the impossible riddle?

I walk with you through the game from the perspective the mastermind. It could have started like this…

Step 1:

…wysker posted a challenge to find secret codes hidden in their launch video, which gave access to a crypto wallet containing 100k wys tokens. I mean, how hard can this actually be?! Let’s watch the clip.
Step 2:

 Ha, easy! Just from looking at the video once, I already found something.
The first secret message becomes crystal clear by zooming in. It says: “You understand the game, but you need to try harder, young padawan.”
Step 3:

Alright, challenge accepted! In the YouTube description it said, “your victory is right around the corner”. This must be a hint. Let’s take a closer look at the corners of the video. In fact, a very close look — 990 frames — one by one.

Step 4:

And there it is, in the frames of the subway scene — tiny numbers and letters arranged in the corners of the video, one after the other. Taking screenshots and putting them all together revealed another message. Hooray, it’s the first piece of the code: “4f32c8ffc9” and a hidden message: “A man walking backwards with his face to the future — S12Ep14”.
Step 5:

S12Ep14 looks like a season-episode-combination of a TV-series. But 12 seasons… The first Google results show two options: the Simpsons and the Kardashians. Wow. Please, let it be the Simpsons 🙏Starting with my favorite series, I re-watched Simpsons episode S12Ep14 “New Kids on the Blecch”. Indeed, there is a scene in which Bart’s boy-band “Party Posse” sings a song with a hidden message when played backwards. 

Step 6:

Could this relate to the hint “A man walking backwards with his face to the future”? Maybe I have to play the sound in the wysker video backwards? Earlier, I realized a tiny glitch at the end of the movie.

My first thought was to play the audio track of the movie backwards, like in the Simpsons episode, but that’s not enough.
I had to stretch the file and adjust the sound even further to reveal the next hidden message.
The message says: “”
Step 7:

HA! An e-mail address. Let’s say hello and see if someone answers… Bingo! I got a reply within seconds. 
I unlocked the second part of the key: f413be98e9 and got another hint “subject line: Call me an artist” and the message “In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artists signature”. WTF?! To what artist are they referring to? I have already seen the video like 1000 times.

Step 8:

But I bet the hint has something to do with the graffiti. In the last scene of the wysker video at 0:25 seconds, a graffiti artist’s tag “collapse” appears. I gave it a blunt try and responded to the previous email with “collapse” in the subject line — jackpot! A new reply came right away. But this time it is even more confusing than the one before 😱
Step 9:

On the bright side, I revealed the third part of the code: 23112a36ba. But now I’m also suck with another hint: “Howard Kettler is the only one to decipher the place of the next code. Remember, if a problem can’t be solved within the frame it was conceived, the solution lies in reframing the problem.”
Step 10:


A Google-search reveals, that he invented the Courier Font! The hint tells me to reframe the problem. So, let’s put this chaos into an editor and play around with. Haha, I can’t believe it. I don’t even know what I am doing here, but magically … a timecode to a frame in the video appears: 00:00:05:26! I checked it out instantly and jumped to the 171th frame in After Effects.

Step 11:

What did I find???? Nothing!!! So I go back to the drawing board and start playing around with the frame as an image file: So here I am, super close to giving zero more f**** on this whole stupid treasure hunt. I’ve been hoodling my way through this.
But I just can’t let go, so I enter—
Step 12:

Voilà: I found a QR-CODE!!!! Unbelievable, I don’t know whether I should hate the wysker team or respect them. That was damn hard — let’s take a look where this little piece takes me. It reveals the fourth part of the code: 88fef5d54e2b8d5 and — surprise, surprise — another hint.
Step 13:

I’m almost there! The webpage says: “wysker holds code (5)” with a link to the wysker website — what could this mean? Can this really be so easy?! I screenshot the logo, play around and turn down the brightness to the very last level. Awesome — It’s the fifth part of the code (88cfa103cc68) and something that looks like…a geolocation?! That calls for Google Maps!

Step 14:

The coordinates lead me to Time Square in NYC were wysker had their commercial running a few months ago. Might the final piece of the puzzle be hidden in an ad that actually ran on Times Square??????
I was way too excited to concentrate but so close to solving this damn thing. Let’s better hurry, some other badass hunter might exactly be at this stage of the game right now. After watching this video over and over, some dots and dashes caught my eye.

Step 15:

The sixth and last part of the 64 digit private key: 8b4615c. After 84 days of sleepless nights and self-doubt, I started to sweat and shake when I put the digits together. “Please, don’t let me be too late …”

🎉💸 100k wys YESSS!! 🎉💸
Congratulations to you, mastermind — whoever you are! So far, we can’t identify you but if you are somewhere out there and read this, let us and the wys token community know. We all can’t wait!

And thanks to all participants. Without a doubt, this was the work of many! You guys collaborated in an exemplary way. We already started thinking about a wysker treasure hunt 2.0 — so better stay tuned. Maybe the first hint is already inside of here
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Check out the most desperate user reactions of the wys token community in the jaw-dropping 84 days of hunting:

Client: wysker
Chief Executive Officer: Tobias Haag
Chief Marketing Officer: Etienne Kiefer
Head of Creation: Iken Keune
Copy Writer: Christina Mayer

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