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I've always looked for creative ways to express myself. Growing up, I danced and graduated as a professional ballet dancer from the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin. Later I made collages and wrote short stories. From 2012 till 2021 I took photos, designed art works and created musicvideos for the Berlin art and music sczene ( clients: Stegreif.Orchester, Watergate Club, Plötzlich am Meer Festival, Melt, Rave on Snow Festival, Beats & Boats, Plötzlich Musik, Bucht der Träumer,  Telekollegen, Hoto…). Since autumn 2018, I have been writing film and series concepts with Eden Patrichi in addition to my work as Creative Director. We have already been invited to the First Steps Masterclass and to the “Tribute to the next Generation”  UFA Dinner 2020. Stay tuned ;)

See what I see:
I offer branded content for urban consumers.
Mail: iken.keune@gmail.com


Eden&Iken, Screenwriter Team:
Mail: edenandiken@gmail.com

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