Campaign for Caritas Germany

Together through the crisis: #DasMachenWirGemeinsam 

In 2022, the German Caritas Association (DCV) will be 125 years old. The anniversary campaign is scheduled to run
for two years and is already starting now, a year earlier. The aim of the campaign is to initiate a broad-based dialog about solidarity.

An elementary component is the podcast "Deutschland Solidarisch," which will be published monthly from now on.
The journalist Susanne Arlt starts for it a discussion journey by the Federal Republic, visits nursing homes, hospitals, debt counselling centers, homeless homes and other social mechanisms of the Caritas and clarifies with Caritas expert: inside locally, how it stands around the solidarity in Germany and where acute action and discussion need is.



Agentur: Ballhaus West
Geschäftsführung: Imran Ayata & Alice Gittermann
Creative Director Art/ Creative Director Copy: Iken Keune / Michael Martin
Head of Digital Solution: Sven Leineweber
Senior Copy Writer: Marisa Schulz
Junior Art Director: Johanna Komesker / Maria Aragon Bartsch

Motiondesign, Videoediting: Filip Jo Friemann

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